Hartley is a talented, articulate and hard-working writer. He has written a range of content for Paddl, such as articles, pamphlets and web-content. He has an extremely clear style of writing and always delivers on the brief. Hartley is an asset to any team.

- Luke Bettridge

Director, Paddl Limited

Hartley has created a number of videos for promotion and marketing of Qmuli's products. He has a great gift of interpreting a brief and then creating and narrating some outstanding videos. He comes highly recommended.

- Tony Taylor

Director, Qmuli Limited

Hartley is very thorough with his work and paid good attention to detail. He is forthcoming, adapted easily to new ideas and took any adjustments in his stride. He demonstrated great time management and communication skills. Hartley produced some excellently edited and well humoured, quality videos during his time with us.

- Jamie Louise Turner

Event Manager, Carpe Noctum Ltd

Hartley has an impressive understanding of the balance between ambition and practicality. Hartley’s natural meticulosity and methodology complements his ability to think critically, which results in an informed, poised and well reasoned opinion. I have considerable experience working with Hartley, and his capacity to analyse and reflect on his own decisions, in the same unbiased way in which he considers other things, often results in much needed progress, creative discussion, and a refreshing humility.

- Max Weil

Contributing Writer, The Comment

Whilst working alongside Hartley as his producer, he showed great tenacity and perseverance, overcoming the many challenges we faced by writing and rewriting to consistently high standards. He never failed to meet deadlines, and was always looking for ways to improve upon his work.

- James Bowyer

Producer, University of Nottingham Film Making Society